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One thing I have learned throughout this whole process is that communication is crucial when renovating a house. There are so many decisions (big and small) to make, there can be big hiccups when the people involved are not on the same page. While working in Interior Design, I learned that creating a specification sheet was the easiest way to communicate with clients and contractors on exactly what products will be going into the space. This acts like a little cheat sheet so that contractors can tell plumbers where the drain for the sink should go based on which sink is being purchased. Here is a preview of the one I use.

I have divided it into two sections. One side has the product listed, where it is to be purchased, a link to the product, as well as the dimensions and any pertinent notes that may be needed for installation. This section is great for passing on to the people working on the house. On the other side of the sheet is my little area that I keep to myself where I can track what has been bought, what I expect the final cost of the item to be, as well as reminders as to where I can get discounts. I have a separate tab for each area/room in the house like the kitchen, bathrooms, exterior. At the bottom of each sheet, I have a summary of what has been purchased and what is left to purchase to keep us on track of our total renovation budget.

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